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As it says on the tin “Unlimited calls to mobiles & landlines are included” Note all premium rate numbers are excluded.

As all calls to mobiles, landlines and unlimited support is included, the monthly fee is fixed for the period of the contract

Allows you to invite users to select a number for a specific dept. eg “Press 1 for sales”, “2 for accounts” etc. or if using say an 0800 number for your organisation across multiple locations you could offer “Press 1 for Chester” “2 for Bangor” etc.

Allows calls away from the office to be made to appear at the call receivers end as if from the office as it displays the office not the mobile number.
Allows your mobile to be given a telephone extension number in the same way as the office phones are.

Allows a caller to be notified they are in a queue. e.g. “You are no. 2 in the queue”

The ability to issue a pin number to a user allowing them to use any phone on the network with their personal extension number and settings

Create your own conference calls locally or across multiple locations.

The system receives incoming faxes then e-mails the contents of the fax to nominated users.

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Benefits Of Working With CATalyst Systems

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