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Available Broadband Options

After Openreach’s announcement regarding the discontinuation of older digital ISDN and copper PSTN connections, along with the termination of older FTTC broadband connections by the end of 2025, attention has shifted towards the deployment of SoGEA as the FTTC replacement. SoGEA offers download speeds of up to 80mb, while the significantly faster FTTP option provides a range of speeds of up to 1000mb or 1gb.

Your choice of SoGEA or FTTP is governed by what is available from your local exchange. 

Managing our own broadband portal we can offer and manage all types of fibre connections. 


The Pros:- FTTP offers the best value for money if available

The Cons:- SoGEA download speeds are governed by your distance from the exchange. 

Where down and / or upload speeds are critical but your exchange is only offering 80 mb SoGEA speeds then we can supply a Leased Line at any speed from 100mb up to 1000mb for both up and down speeds. This will require a site survey which is free of charge.

The Pros:- Extremely stable with guaranteed speeds

The Cons:– Cost. 

With the increased rollout of mobile masts particularly in rural areas 4/5G can be a good option to consider. At present there are only 4 operators namely Vodafone, o2, EE and Three. All of the other names you may have heard like Tesco’s, Virgin, GiffGaff etc. all piggy back off one of the big 4.

The pro’s:- Excellent speeds can be achieved. The best we have managed to-date is 180mb off Caemas Bay.
Cost is very similar to a typical fibre broadband solution and with unlimited use.

The Cons:- Speed can fluctuate quite dramatically due to demand on the mast. If the mast is in say a holiday location then demand will be higher in summer than in winter resulting in a dip in speeds.

Note Starlink qualifies under the WAG grant scheme

Satellite broadband has been around for many years and offers decent speeds. However as these were traditionally kept 23000 miles out they suffered from a signal delay that rendered them of no use for gaming and are poor for video conferencing. i.e Teams, Zoom etc.

With the recent introduction of Starlink, based only 220 miles, out they are offering fibre speeds with no latency on a stable platform for a lot less than the cost of a Leased Line.

The Pros:- Decent speeds between 50 and 250 download speeds and between 10 & 20 mb upload. 

The Cons:- More costly than fibre but far less than a leased line 

Note Starlink qualifies under the WAG grant scheme

Do you need and emergency broadband connection…?

CATalyst can have you up and running within 24 hours

Equipment can be hired for a day, month or year. The subscription service to the ISP is monthly.

Unlike fibre connections that can take 10 / 14 days to install and that is assuming Openreach can get a line to your location a 4/5G or satellite system can be ordered, installed and commissioned all in the one day.

Popular use for temporary internet includes:-

ISP failure
Film Sets
Remote Live Broadcasting


If struggling to offer Wi-Fi services throughout your property we have a lot of experience in deploying Wi-Fi via desk top, ceiling mounted or external mounted mesh Wi-Fi Access Points (WAPS)  

So long as there is clear line of site, a wireless bridge allows buildings to be interconnected for both network and internet use over large distances. The largest bridge we have installed to date was over 8k

These are very popular within the farming community to link CCTV, milking parlours etc. back to single internet source.

If based in Wales and can’t get SoGEA speeds above 10 mb then you will more than likely qualify for the WAG ABC (Access Broadband Cymru) grant.

Having completed over 600+ installs, more than 95% of these did not require any contribution from the client. A survey will be required but there is no charge for this.

The grant covers all forms of alternative broadband solutions and is available to both business and home users.

CATalyst Systems are authrorised installers under the WAG ABC Scheme.

Fibre:- This is booked remotely with an install time agreed with Openreach. A small box called an ONT is fitted in the property which in turn connects to the router. Typically from order to installation is around 12/14 days

Leased Lines:- As this requires a fibre cable being installed directly between the exchange and your property these are subject to survey. Install times can vary between a few weeks to a few months.

4/5G:- This requires a survey to determine the best 4/5G supplier for your property. Following this a small aerial booster is mounted on a J pole on the outside of your property with the booster generally pointed in the direction of the mast. Having the equipment in stock we can arrange a 4/5 g install with 3/4 days.

Satellite:- This requires a small square satellite to be mounted on the outside of your property with a clear line of site to the satellite. In carrying satellites in stock these can be installed and operating within 3/4 days

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Core Broadband & Wi-Fi Components

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Site Survey

We survey your property to check for all available broadband options so that we can offer you the best solution.
Free of Charge​

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We advise you on the best and most cost effective solutions for your needs.
Free of Charge​

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We come out to you on the date of installation to make sure that everything is up and running as quickly possible.
Free of Charge (subject to survey)

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Welsh Assembly Broadband Grant Information

Are you based in Wales and getting less than 10 mbps download speeds…?

If so, you qualify for a Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) grant covering all hardware & installation fees to ensure minimum speeds of 30 mbps are achieve, whether this is by a 4G/5G install or Starlink Satellite Internet.

Give us a call and we can discuss the requirements and how to get your application started.

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