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Put simply, and in taking a pro-active approach, CATalyst Systems serves as your outsourced IT department, acting as a comprehensive solution for ALL your IT-related needs. Regardless of the issue, and included in our support, we take the initiative to communicate directly with any third-party software or hardware suppliers on your behalf, ensuring a swift resolution.

This includes unlimited calls on our support dept. and includes all hardware on a repair / replace basis. For speed of resolution support will initially be offered remotely.  In the event we have to attend site one of our field engineers will be despatched to investigate the issue further. All contracted clients are dealt with as a priority. Contracts are for 12 months.

Everything, at a very reasonable price. Our support contract would include:-

All hardware

Servers, workstations, screens, keyboards, laptops, routers, patch panels, data switches, backup devices, wireless access points.

All software

Our service encompasses all Microsoft and Adobe products, and it extends to CATalyst directly engaging with your bespoke software suppliers. This approach eliminates any friction between hardware and software suppliers, streamlining the process for our clients.

All Cabling

In the event of a data point or cabling failing CATalyst will investigate and resolve.

Our strategy is geared towards foreseeing and tackling potential issues before they become major concerns.

On the hardware front this entails ongoing monitoring of all hardware performance, (servers, workstations, laptops, routers, data switches etc.) with a focus on critical areas such as low disk space, network congestion, firmware upgrades, etc.

On the software front, we provide comprehensive antivirus monitoring for all users, manage site backups either in-house or on the cloud, schedule software updates, and offer appropriate advisories.

Although we take proactive efforts to anticipate issues, physical hardware faults such as power supply failures, dead screens, or memory malfunctions may still occur, necessitating an immediate reactive response.

To ensure your peace of mind, we furnish all our clients with a comprehensive weekly report. This report highlights any detected issues, advisories requiring attention, or scheduled proactive maintenance. For easy reference, these items are color-coded as green, amber, and red. Any critical issues identified will be promptly addressed in consultation with the client.

If under contract usually immediately or at a convenient time to suit you. There is no call queue, no ticketing system. We completely understand that the only reason you have called is because your issue is urgent and will be dealt with as such.

You are welcome to utilize our services on a pay-as-you-go basis. However, please note that contracted clients will always receive priority treatment.

The cornerstone of any infrastructure deployment or adopting an existing setup begins with the consultancy phase. At CATalyst, we offer a complimentary, thorough investigative analysis. In addition to providing a quotation, we furnish the client with a comprehensive written report and recommendations for their next steps. It’s important to note that the client is under no obligation to CATalyst whatsoever.

All we request is that you consider us as a potential supplier when making future investments in your IT infrastructure and IT Services.

Site audits are conducted free of charge and serve three primary purposes:

  • Infrastructure and IT Services Consolidation: Often, site infrastructure and the IT services used evolve over time, with equipment added ad-hoc as businesses rapidly expand. As demand grows, there is a need to consolidate and optimize the system’s benefits.
  • Security Assessment: Site security encompasses various elements including data loss prevention, disaster recovery readiness, protection against system abuse, and defence against external threats.
  • Legal Compliance: Site audits address questions related to legality such as verifying if purchased equipment matches what was paid for and ensuring the use of legal software. These questions are often intertwined.

After conducting site audits for both large and small system users, CATalyst Systems offers a comprehensive service. Following the audit, we provide a complimentary 5-page report detailing the positive aspects, areas for improvement, and any concerning findings. Additionally, we include recommendations for you to consider and act upon as you see fit. This report aims to empower you with insights and guidance to enhance your system’s performance and security. This report is free and without any obligation to CATalyst Systems whatsoever.

If you have any concerns about your existing supplier, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a discreet site audit.

Is merely keeping a backup of your work enough? Thankfully, most people today recognize the repercussions of not maintaining backups and employ various methods to safeguard their data, such as on disks, USB drives, NAS, and remote storage. However, is having this data secure enough? Have you considered how long it would take to resume operations after a disaster?

Without a Disaster Recovery Policy (DRP) or Business Continuity Plan (BCP), it could take more than a full day to restore a file server serving 40+ users. Take a look at your insurance policy—business insurers now often require seeing evidence that a DRP/BCP is in place before providing coverage.

With the increasing trend towards virtualization, and leveraging the VMware platform, CATalyst’s DRP allows for the recovery of a complete bare-bones server in less than 90 minutes.

Contact us now at 01745 816611 to evaluate your BCP/DRP options at no cost to you.

In the face of constant threats like viruses, spyware, malware, adware, phishing, and spam, we prioritizes deploying top-notch defence mechanisms. Recent breaches at TalkTalk, eBay, Easy Jet, and even the NHS underscore the omnipresent danger. If multi-million-pound security systems can be breached, SMEs face an even greater challenge. The key lies in having robust defences against opportunistic threats.

Statistics show that 99% of system breaches occur due to lapses in basic security measures. Unscrupulous attackers prey on lax security. By ensuring all avenues are secured, we deter opportunistic threats, as they seek easier targets with less stringent security measures.

At CATalyst, in taking a proactive stance against security threats by assisting companies in formulating robust IT security policies minimises risk. Moreover, we enhance awareness through warning emails whenever a significant security threat emerges, prompting staff to exercise extra vigilance.

As insurance companies increasingly require the implementation of Disaster Recovery Plans (DRP) or Business Continuity Plans (BCP), storing critical data “off-site” significantly contributes to DRP/BCP compliance.

While maintaining a “local” backup system is crucial for everyday recovery needs such as retrieving accidentally deleted items, off-site backups serve as a safeguard against catastrophic data loss resulting from events like fire, flood, or theft. Our off-site backup solution runs nightly, backing up designated essential files such as accounts databases, work in progress, important spreadsheets, and documents to one of our managed off-site backup servers. This data is encrypted and secure.

After each backup operation, an email notification is sent to a client’s designated user and to CATalyst indicating the success or failure of the backup process. This ensures transparency and accountability in the backup procedure.

CATalyst engineers excel in managing a diverse array of clients who require PCI compliance. They possess the expertise and skill set necessary to ensure that clients meet and pass their compliance requirements effectively.

In addition to our custom-built CAT PCs, we also offer a range of well-known brands including HP, Lenovo, Asus, Acer, and Draytek. Combined with leading software brands such as Microsoft, VMware, Panda AV, Adobe, Sage, among others, CATalyst Systems provides a solid foundation for building a stable IT infrastructure.

Note while ALL the hardware we supply includes 12 months warranty we also INCLUDE 12 months on-site maintenance free of charge.

Having a fully equipped service centre with the right tools and skilled personnel is essential for ensuring smooth operations. In line with this principle, CATalyst Systems employs not only field engineers but also maintains full-time workbench engineers. Situated in our spacious workshop in Denbigh, we also have a small laboratory dedicated to research, design, and testing purposes.

With a substantial inventory of spare parts including processors, memory modules, motherboards, drives, screens, and more, CATalyst Systems typically has the necessary components on hand to initiate repairs without delay.

Employing our own cabling engineers CATalyst Systems are experienced at installing and configuring not only certified Cat5e, Cat6 and fibre optic cables but also close and long range wireless networks and bridges.

Although we are not web designers per se, CATalyst Systems provides hosting services for hundreds of domain names and websites. Additionally, we manage emails for clients who opt not to subscribe to the Microsoft 365 platform. These services are supported by our replicated cloud servers, ensuring reliable performance and accessibility for our clients’ online presence and communication needs.


Please do not hesitate to contact us for the contact details of web designers we know and trust.

With over 90% of our client base adopting the Microsoft 365 subscription model, including ourselves, CATalyst Systems are uniquely positioned to deploy, configure, and manage all Microsoft 365 suites efficiently. Our expertise allows us to optimize site efficiency for our clients, ensuring they harness the full potential that the Microsoft 365 tools and services has to offer.

Our engineers possess a broad range of skills and are adept at overcoming various challenges by offering diverse solutions. However, each of our engineers specializes in a particular area, having attained expert-level proficiency and relevant certifications along the way. This strategic specialization enables us to address even the most complex issues promptly and effectively.

Core IT Components

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Site Survey

We survey your premises so that we can offer the best solutions to help keep your IT up to current standards.
Free of Charge​

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We advise you on the best and most cost effective solutions for your needs based on our site survey results.
Free of Charge​

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We plan all the installation around your availability and ensure there is as little downtime as possible.
All work is quoted for and clearly outlines exactly what you're paying for so you're never left in the dark

Reasons To Have IT Support and Maintenance

Benefits Of Working With CATalyst Systems

With 10 engineers, each specialising in unique areas such as operating systems, network design, data security etc., CATalyst Systems delivers a comprehensive support package for ALL your IT services and needs.

We take a friendly yet professional approach to all our clients and try to keep everything as clear as possible, avoiding technical Jargon wherever possible by explaining things in ways that are easy to understand.

Unlike a lot of support companies, we make the extra effort to physically visit your office to ensure everything is working correctly and that all members of staff are happy with the support they receive.

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