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VoIP Cloud Telephony Features & Benefits

As it says on the tin “Unlimited calls to mobiles & landlines are included” Note all premium rate numbers are excluded.

As all calls to mobiles, landlines and unlimited support is included, the monthly fee is fixed for the period of the contract

Records all calls received and made and can be kept for 1,2,5+ years. Calls are stored as an mp3 file with the phone number, date & time stamp also noting if it was incoming or outgoing that can be emailed to a client / supplier in support of a discussion.

Auto starts and stops at your predetermined opening & closing times. This can be reviewed while away from the office during bank holidays etc.
An Email notification of a call left on the answerphone is sent to a nominated staff member.

Auto Re-direct to a mobile or home phone that can be treated as an extension if required.
Auto Re-direct to another branch

If an extension isn’t answered after say 6 seconds it moves to another phone in the Office or redirected to another location.

While primarily used for music this can also be configured for marketing purposes or announcements

A user can take their desk phone home and plug it into their router. All office-based functionality will be available irrespective of location.

Allows you to invite users to select a number for a specific dept. eg “Press 1 for sales”, “2 for accounts” etc. or if using say an 0800 number for your organisation across multiple locations you could offer “Press 1 for Chester” “2 for Bangor” etc.

Allows calls away from the office to be made to appear at the call receivers end as if from the office as it displays the office not the mobile number.
Allows your mobile to be given a telephone extension number in the same way as the office phones are.

Allows a caller to be notified they are in a queue. e.g. “You are no. 2 in the queue”

The ability to issue a pin number to a user allowing them to use any phone on the network with their personal extension number and settings

Create your own conference calls locally or across multiple locations.

The system receives incoming faxes then e-mails the contents of the fax to nominated users.

Integrates with the Microsoft Office suite, Facebook messenger, WhatsApp etc.

While we would manage the system for you, you would also have the opportunity to make changes or tweaks on a simple web-based management console.

Should your broadband line fail for any reason we can quickly redirect (within 5 mins) all calls to a single mobile in your office through our control panel until your broadband has been restored.

In the past if you had multiple branches you needed a PBX per branch. With VoIP you only need 1 PBX for all branches anywhere in the world

As VoIP telephones use your exiting computer network topology and become part of your existing network there is rarely a need for additional cabling.

2,3,4 & 5 year contracts to suit your needs.

Core VoIP Components

Fanvil X4U-V2 VoIP Phone

System Design

Whether for 2 or 200+ users we can design a simple yet structured VoIP system for your needs.
Free of Charge​

Yealink cordless phone and base unit

System Installation

This includes delivery, installation & configuration + step-by-step usage notes for your new VoIP System.
Free of Charge​

Image promoting 3CX Yealink Phones and Softphone app

System Management

Is included in our VoIP services to you. We monitor your phone systems daily to ensure everything is running smoothly.
Included as part of your monthly costs

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Based in Denbigh, VoIP North Wales has focused on the supply and management of cloud-based business telephony systems for over 10 years

VoIP North Wales is the dedicated VoIP arm of CATalyst Systems who specialise in Managed IT & Information Systems across North / Mid Wales, the Wirral & Cheshire and have been trading since 1998.

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